Just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with Performance Solutions USA.  Thank you for helping us liquidate our company assets. The equipment values you targeted were right on and the whole process couldn't have gone better. The professionalism and hard work your crew provided is greatly appreciated. I would recommend Performance Solutions USA!

All the Best!

Cornerstone Press

Eric James


             We look forward to working with you this year. We really appreciate your hard work and diligence in all of the 

liquidations we worked on together. We highly value our partnership with you and Performance Solutions USA Inc. Together our results were

appreciated by our many customers and word is spreading throughout the industry of our partnered services as the best in the business. Our

combined experiences between our two companies is making a powerful statement in the ever-changing printing industry as we guide our

customers through their transitions.

            My records show that most of our sales were to end users in the USA maintaining a fair

return to our customers and exceeding their expectations. I attribute that success mainly 

to your ability to capture retail customers with your well maintained website and quick

response time addressing buyers needs. Great Job.  Let's keep the momentum up for the new year!


 Christopher Kendig

Atlantic Graphic Systems


Performance Solutions USA, Fine job! Love our new paper cutter. Everything went smooth. We will come back when we are ready to purchase again!

Denise Mason, Express Printing


Dear Michael,

I want to thank you for the honesty of having sent a machine in very good condition, which has allowed us to be working already.

A hug and I hope to continue doing business with you.

Guillermo Riquelme Mardones

GRM Print Santiago, Chile


Michael, Thank you for all your help in making this happen, it is a real pleasure working with someone as diligent as you. Paul did an excellent job with the setup and training.  I look forward to working with Performance Solutions USA  on all our future used equipment needs.

James Tidd 

Classic Laminations Inc.

     We purchased a pre-owned Polar 92 ED paper cutter from Performance Solutions USA Inc. The cutter shipped from NY to us here in Spokane Washington. Our purchase was seamless the professionals over at Performance Solutions handled to shipping, financing and installation a true turn key solution everything went according to plan we were impressed with our whole experience. We would reccomend Performance Solutions USA Inc and when it comes to time to purchase again they are our first call. They do  provide "Solutions not Excuses"

Lithographic Reproductions

     We have worked with Michael and Performance Solutions for several years in multiple capacities - service, supplies and equipment. True to the name, we have found that Performance Solutions provides tangible solutions that perform to the level that we need to continue to serve our clients at the highest level.

          From a service standpoint, we have had most everything in our shop repaired by Michael's staff at one time or another. Four-color presses, duplicator presses, collator, cutter, shredder, electrical - they do it all! Most importantly, they have the ability to have staff on scene within hours of the first call. With larger service companies we have found service technicians are regional and often based in another state. This requires extensive travel fees and often a technician is not available until the next day, if not longer. Sometimes bigger is NOT better! We appreciate the fast and personal service we receive from Performance Solutions at a fair price.

 We have purchased several pieces of equipment through Michael, from a large 4-color Heidelberg press to a small table-top paper jogger. Michael is attentive to our needs and has the resources to find exactly what you are looking for within your budget. I would encourage ANYONE who needs a piece of equipment to always work with Michael first. You may be surprised - he can make the impossible possible! There are bargains out there to be had, you just need to know where and how to find them and Michael has that ability. And he stands behind what he sells with a fair warranty and usually a service contract as well if desired.

 I would encourage anyone in the industry to try Performance Solutions. They will not be disappointed.

 John Heiser

Director of Graphic Design and Printing Services Hudson Valley Community College

        I have done business with Michael for many years now.  We have made a lot of good deals.  We have also made a few that have not gone according to plan.  They say you can measure the integrity of a man by the way he handles the deals that have gone south for one reason or another.  Michael has always been honest and fair. I have known him to always keep his word and continually build his business on honesty and professionalism seldom matched in this industry.

     Joe Brooks Jr.

Brooks Printing  Equipment

      As the owner of Fox Printing, I was happy to accept an offer from a larger printer to buy Fox in the fall of 2012. This printer, already having a nice facility, only needed a few pieces of our equipment. The balance we were free to offer on the market. We placed ads, made calls and sent letters - all of which produced a few results, but the real help in selling our equipment came when we called Michael Casavant at Performance Solutions. Michael's expertise and market knowledge led to our being able to sell every piece of equipment we offered. He not only found buyers and arranged shipping, but also sent us payments directly and in a timely manner. I had anticipated 4 months in liquidating equipment, and even then was worried there would be some I would not find any buyer for. But with Michael's help, everything was sold and paid for in less than 60 days. I would have a difficult time overstating how helpful Michael and Performance Solutions were to work with.

John Schroeder
President, Fox Printing

It is my pleasure to share with you a few stunning examples that truly represent Michael’s character and quality.

“He listens, he cares, he performs as if he is your company asset; he behaves and practices his work in a manner that puts him on the profit and not expense side of the business”. 

“He consistently works at a level of high energy, intelligence, skill, knowledge, ability and demonstrates accountability and truthfulness, always focused on my best interest and he is a friend, and has wonderful heart and soul”.

Here are a few examples of his value to us and how he distinguishes himself and why he is considered as important to us as all of our employees. 

“We are having acute and ongoing difficulty in working with Heidelberg Service, for example, we have a Heidelberg 72 Speed Master 1992 Model, a masterful press and it needs some TLC;  Heidelberg wanted over $16,000.00 for parts;  I told Michael about our needs and that I do not have this kind of cash; he found technicians, electrical engineers and vendors that supplied us with service and parts needed for under $2,900.00”.

“New and Used technology purchases, for example, we developed strong business for short run full color envelopes to compliment our digital Xerox press technologies; Michael represents OKI Pro Color and installed and left this press with us for days to see if it performed to our commercial requirements of quality and speed, and it did perform to our requirements; but I told Michael at this time I only had a certain amount of cash to put down on the press and needed him to set me up on monthly payments for the balance, and without hesitation, we worked this out together; this same attitude and cooperation is unique in the business today and for us it has taken place on several acquisitions we have made with Michael”;

Michael is a strong business partner and we recommend you involve him today in your printing business challenges and needs.

Scott Miller
PresidentMiller Printing