• Blanket Cleaning Cloths

    Blanket Cleaning Cloths

    No matter how good your presses are, any print job can be ruined if the blanket/impression cylinders are not clean. That's where Sontara® PrintMaster wash cloths comes in. It's a simple, proven solution that can cut waste, save time and raise the...

  • Blankets


    BöttcherTop 3201 4-Ply .077" Commercial Sheetfed Blanket for Paper and Carton Performs well on both coated and uncoated stock. High compressibility makes the BöttcherTop 3201 a very smash resistant blanket. Micro-ground and buffed surface...

  • Blue Glass Transfer Sheets

    Blue Glass Transfer Sheets

    High quality printing and coating applications in today's highly competitive printing industry demand the best in marking protection. When it comes to protecting the wet side of the printed sheet using textured surfaces, nothing out-shines BLUE...

  • Diamond Press Rollers

    Diamond Press Rollers

    Diamond Laser family products are the latest development from the Pamarco Global Graphics product development team. Laser family rollers have been designed to exhibit superb dimensional stability, in every conventional pressroom environment. ...

  • INLAID Paper Trimming Knives

    INLAID Paper Trimming Knives

      Performance Solutions USA Inc supplies true INLAID paper trimming knives for all makes of cutting equipment. Four different grades of material are available to assure you of getting the proper blade for your requirement    AKI-I is a...

  • Rollers


    We represent Diamond, Syn-tac and Crestline rollers. We have rollers in stock and ready to ship for most popular offset presses.  

  • Syn-Tac Offset Rubber Rolls

    Syn-Tac Offset Rubber Rolls

    Syn-Tac Offset Rubber Rolls OEM quality rubber rollers Each roller supplied in individually labeled boxes One unbeatable price, no surcharge, no credits to wait for Rollers ready to install in press, bearing and bushings included with most...

  • Transfer Cylinder Glass Beaded Jackets

    Transfer Cylinder Glass Beaded Jackets

    PrintGuard is the global leader in anti-marking solutions for all sheetfed, offset presses. PrintGuard designs and manufactures three technologies, at two price points that solve 100% of printers’ anti-marking needs.  Our Custom manufacturing...